Frequently Asked Questions
Three trade order types are available to trade and here's the list, Instant/Market Order Limit Order Stop Order
To make a Deposit cryptocurrency select the Wallets tab from the left menu, then select the currency you want to add. Choose Deposit option and copy the cryptocurrency address or use a QR code scanner.
It is the virtual wallet that is delivered to the user to save and manage their cryptocurrencies, they consist of a program that supports cryptocurrencies. This has a public address which is responsible for receiving cryptocurrencies.
A market order is an order to be executed immediately at current market prices. Traders use this order type when they have an urgent execution. Pay attention to the orderbook when selecting this order type, otherwise a large market order may “walk the book” and incur market-impact costs.
The order book is an accounting book that is modified in real time where it registers all market orders opened by users (purchase / sale order), giving priority to executing the cheapest sales order and on the other hand , gives priority to the most expensive purchase order taking into account the oldest orders first. Deliver valuable information to users before opening an order.
A Stop Order is an order that does not enter the order book until the market reaches a certain Trigger Price. Traders use this type of order for two main strategies: 1.As a risk-management tool to limit losses on existing positions, and 2.As an automatic tool to enter the market at a desired entry point without manually waiting for the market to place the order.
KYC Know Your Customer (know your customer), is the process in which the company has a complete knowledge of the customers you have. It serves to prevent money laundering or other illegal activities. In this way the company requests detailed information from customers.